“The Way of Living is Giving”

RMG has always measured organizational success not by profit margin, but through the ability to have a positive social and economic influence on the society. RMG’s corporate culture revolves around their commitment to community and social responsibilities.Since the company was found, the Chairman and his wife has always given away as much as they have earned back to the society. They are very committed and dedicated to give a helping hand to wherever and whenever needed.


Up until now, RMG has donated over 7 million USD to the society. Executive Director of Rich Mandalay Group Dr. Daw Than Than Sein was awarded “Thiha Thudhama Theingi” and “Thiri Thudhama Theingi“, the two awards which is the 2nd and 3rd highest award in contribution given by the Myanmar Government for contributing in disaster reliefs, education and healthcare sectors, community development and especially in the expansion of Buddhism Culture. by building monasteries for monks and donating all necessities for them to carry out the work of Buddhism comfortably.