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Message from the Chairman

Born and raised in Mandalay from rural village to graduating with MBA and Ph.D in Hospitality, we started off with a simple and humble beginning. We moved on with our belief in dedication, vision and hard work. Today, we pride in our growth and unique hospitality culture. Due to the pooling of ideas and efforts with the driven management team and dedicated staff working relentlessly, this success has led to the emergence of Rich Mandalay Group of Co.,Ltd. Turning mistakes and failures into lessons and with trials and errors, this has made our performance more enriching and successful.

Since the formation of RMG, our commercial activities have grown into a variety of different industries, stemming from large scale development projects to production and manufacturing. Focusing on Hospitality sector, RMG has also collaborated with different international corporates to provide better hospitality services for Myanmar as a whole. We are proud to be one of Myanmar’s fastest youngest and fastest growing privately owned companies. Despite the numerous achievements that we are proud of, our ambition did not and will not stop at a certain limit. Till now, Our Group has contributed to both social and economical sectors from building schools for education enhancement and disaster relief and discovery to community development. RMG has actively involved in becoming one of the pillars in supporting and contributing for both the society and the country. We value ourselves as one in achieving charitable work and desired community partnership.

As moving forward, we will try our best to become reputable and active organization dedicated and committed to maintaining sustainable growth while contributing much to social, economic and environmental sectors.

Dr.Kyaw Kyaw Oo