Beyond the Ordinary

Rich Mandalay Group of Co.,Ltd was established in 2008, with its primary business in the real estate development and hospitality businesses. RMG has grown exponentially by rapid expansion of the company leading to the company diversifying businesses into construction, plantations, production and manufacturing, etc while maintaining the strong reputation as the fastest and youngest privately owned company in today’s time.

Employing 500 over local human resource talents, Mann Myanmar Family Company Limited, a sister company of RMG, has also been active for more than 10 years with businesses mainly focusing on traditional textiles production and distributing throughout the country.

Rich Mandalay Group of Co.,Ltd plans not only to solidify the current businesses but also to expand the company portfolios by investing and exploring more businesses opportunities to become Myanmar’s leading organization in the near future.

The following are the companies and businesses running under RMG which are 100% owned:

  • Mann Myanmar Family Limited
  • Rich Mandalay Hospitality Co.,Ltd
  • Royal Golden Hotels Group
  • Rich Mandalay Hospitality